• Upcoming: How Language Works

    ALEA Darling Downs Event


    Saturday 4 June Workshop 1 9am -12noon Workshop 2 1pm-4pm

    Saturday 16 July Workshop 3 9am-12noon Workshop 4 1pm-4pm

    Saturday 30 July Workshop 5 9am-12noon Workshop 6 1pm-4pm

    Saturday 8 October Workshop 7 9am-12noon Workshop 8 1pm - 4pm

    Saturday 29 October Workshop 9 9am-12noon Workshop 10 1pm-4pm.

    Participants must attend all workshops.

  • 27th Oct 16: Quest for a Connected Curriculum


    'Quest for a Connected Curriculum: DigiTech in the Learning Areas'

    Familiarisation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies is progressively taking shape at Fitzgerald State School in Mackay, by connecting existing learning area curriculum with digital solutions.

    Download the flyer.

  • 3rd Nov 16: 'Guiding Thinking for Effective Spelling'

    'Guiding Thinking for Effective Spelling' web conference

    PRESENTER: Christine Topfer

    During this web conference, Christine Topfer will outline ways to explicitly teach the key spelling strategies: sound, visual, meaning, connecting and checking. Teachers from Prep to Year 8 will learn how spelling can be presented as an engaging inquiry process which needs to be supported by a consistent approach across the whole school. Chris believes that developing students’ thinking about how they attempt to record unknown words or approach learning new words can improve their spelling accuracy and awareness. Bringing students’ attention to five key strategies develops each student’s disposition for solving words when writing, teaching them HOW to spell, not just WHAT to spell.

    Download the flyer.


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