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Honour Council Program Award

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The ALEA Honour Council Program annually recognises local councils that organise and conduct well-rounded programs:

  • serving the local council members;
  • serving the community; and
  • developing and supporting literacy – nationally and internationally.

Alignment to the ALEA Strategic Plan

The Honour Council Status Award is in line with the ALEA Strategic Goals 2015/16 and is directly in line with the Identity (Connection, Belonging) pillar.

The program also aligns to the desired outcomes of the Strategic Plan, namely:

  • Literacy Educators who feel empowered, nurtured, informed, supported and connected, belonging to a group of likeā€minded professionals
  • Building leadership skills at LC, State National and International levels
  • Succession planning at LC, State and National levels
  • Growing membership


  • Councils are recognised for accomplishments of the previous year and need to re-apply each year.
  • A small committee made up of National Council members and chaired by the Vice President assess application.
  • Applications close annually at the end of March.
  • Applications must be endorsed by the State Director before being forwarded to the National Office.
  • This award is presented at the National Conference and would allow Local Councils to put this certification on their website, letterhead, PD advertising etc.
  • A specific ‘logo’ has been developed for use by these councils on fliers, letterhead and websites.
  • Applications must include the standard Cover Sheet (signed and endorsed by the State Director) which has been developed by ALEA as well as documentation to support their application.



Required Criteria

Local Council Plan/Strategy

Provide a written plan for council work. Include the mission, goals, strategies, and activities for the next one, two, or three years.

Increase Council Membership

Confirm increase in council membership – statement may be provided by National Office or State Director. Membership increase should be for the previous calendar year.

Meet all National Office Administration Requirements

  • President to sign the ‘President’s Statement’ after the AGM and return to the National Office
  • Audited financial statements to be submitted to the National Office not later than May 23 each year
  • Maintain current information on the website by informing National Office

Statement may be provided by National Office or State Director

Minimum of four Local Council committee meetings to be held each year.

Attach a summary that includes meeting dates, location, number of attendees, and topics addressed.

Professional Development for Council Members - Minimum of two professional learning activities to be offered in the Local Council area each year

Document the professional development of Local Council members. Examples include: conference registration, offering meetings, workshops, webinars, institutes, etc. based on the current needs of council members.

Minimum of two publicity mailings, fliers or newsletters each year

Attach examples of documents.

Choose 2 Activities


Develop a brochure or flier that reflects the council mission, benefits of membership etc and attach to the application


Develop a video/slideshow that highlights the council’s history and accomplishments. Explain how the video/ slideshow is used to promote the council. Attach to the application.

Website/Social Networking

Maintain a website or social networking site that is current, relevant, and contains up-to- date information about activities, opportunities to expand member involvement, and gives potential members access to join ALEA. Provide screen shots in the application.

Supporting Future/New Educators Document council support for the professional growth of future/new educators Examples include: University Awards, conference registration, complimentary/discounted memberships, providing teacher resources/instructional materials, offering meetings, workshops, webinars, institutes, etc. designed to serve future/new teachers.


Choose 2 Activities

Celebrate Literacy

Document your LC’s involvement in International Literacy Day

Community Literacy Project

Organize and implement a community literacy project and provide evidence in your application.


Participate in advocating for significant literacy issues. Council members may be active in educating Local MPs or departmental officials about literacy issues pertinent to local council members. Provide evidence in your application.

Family Literacy

Conduct a program or project that focuses on the important role of families in the literacy development of children. Provide evidence in your application.

Young Authors

Sponsor or cosponsor an activity that encourages, supports, and recognizes student writers in the council’s geographic area. Examples include: young authors’ contests, writing workshops, authors’ tea, writing celebrations, etc Provide evidence in your application.

Community Service

Perform a service project that brings literacy benefits to community members. Examples include: reading in nursing homes or daycare centres, providing reading materials for use in homeless shelters, collecting magazines/books for hospital waiting rooms, assisting with adult literacy programs, etc.

Provide evidence in your application.


Required Criteria

Support state and national ALEA conferences and actively contribute to the national conference when hosted by the home state

Provide a statement about this activity. Ask the State Director to endorse the statement.

Choose 2 Activities

Consider nominating suitable members for ALEA awards as outlined on the website

Provide evidence in your application.

National and Worldwide Literacy

Contribute to worldwide literacy effort by providing materials, funds to purchase school supplies, or assist with costs related to the professional growth of teachers in ether a disadvantaged community in Australia or in an economically developing country. Provide evidence in your application.

Financial Support for Developing Countries

Sponsor an ALEA conference registration for someone in an economically developing country


Contribute at least $500 to the Nea Stewart Dore fund to support conference participation by educators in a Pacific Island nation. Provide evidence in your application.

ALEA Publications

One Local Council Committee member to submit a manuscript or book review to either 'Practical Literacy: the early and primary years' or 'Literacy Learning: the middle years'". Provide evidence in your application.


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