ALEA Teacher Education SIG

ALEA Teacher Education Special Interest Group (TESIG)

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the ALEA English and Literacy Teacher Education SIG is to bring together Australian teacher educators in the fields of English curriculum and literacy, across the spectrum of specialisations in early childhood, primary and secondary initial teacher education. The immediate objective of the proposed SIG is to establish a networked scholarly, research context for ALEA members who have a special interest in English and literacy initial teacher education; English and literacy teachers’ early and continuing professional learning; and research, theory, policy and pedagogical innovation in teacher education in the fields of English and literacy education.

The SIG aims to:

  • promote, generate, disseminate and advocate for Australian research and scholarship in English and literacy teacher education within the continuum of pre-service, induction, early-career and ongoing professional learning phases of teacher education
  • develop productive research partnerships between ALEA members in the field and between the SIG and ALEA more broadly
  • strengthen the research, scholarly and public presence of ALEA, including its leadership in and contributions to policy and public debates relevant to English and literacy education, and
  • foster ALEA membership of this sector.

Proposed Communication Methods

  • online platform for member communication, participation in threads, dissemination of ideas; digital presence (eg. Twitter, Facebook)
  • publications (peer-reviewed and other)
  • seminars, symposia, roundtables or similar events, once or twice a year where feasible, and
  • contributions as a SIG (via, for example, a SIG ‘strand’) to the annual National Conference.

Connection of the SIG to the ALEA Declaration and/or the field of literacy

In general, university students undertaking study in the field of education are expected to complete a number of courses or units in English and/or literacy education; pointing to a large number of students needing quality and effective training in teacher education programs. The potential of this SIG’s aims cannot be understated. According to the ALEA Literacy Declaration “learning to be literate plays a central role in determining an individual’s life choices and life chances” which consequently means effective and quality literacy and English education in teacher education programs is critical for the success of students and children in schools.

To join the ALEA Teacher Education SIG

If you would like to join the ALEA Teacher Education SIG please contact ALEA National Secretary Wendy Rush by email at and you will be added to the SIG membership list. SIG members must be financial members of ALEA - either as individuals or part of an institutional membership - in order to join and remain a member of the SIG.

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