My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up & My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong

My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up & My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong

Tristan Bancks. (2014)
Random House Australia
: North Sydney

Tristan Bancks’ two ‘My Life’ books are totally disgusting and gross but deliciously entertaining. Tom Weekly and his friend Jack are always up to mischief and find themselves in the most unbelievable but totally hilarious situations. We have laughed our heads off and listened in disbelief as Tom is attacked by toddlers with dirty nappies, tries to get revenge against a killer magpie and spends a whole day in a world where everything hovers.

With the help of his feisty, tough and slightly crazy Nan, Tom tries to win the affections of Sasha, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. His worst fears come true at the school swimming carnival when his birthmark AKA ‘The Fig’ threatens to ruin his chances with the girl of his dreams.

If you are a fan of Andy Griffiths or the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books then the Tom Weekly Books are for you. Adults will be shocked but kids will laugh out loud and love every minute of Tom’s short stories about his life. Gus Gordon (3ML’s favourite illustrator of Herman and Rosie) has added to the fun with his hilarious and clever drawings. Our class says these are the funniest books we have ever read and we hope Tristan Bancks keeps writing!

Reviewed by Grade 3ML from Boroondara Park Primary School


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