Poppy Cat

Poppy Cat

Sara Acton. (2014)
Scholastic Press

Sarah Acton has put her award winning talents to good use in both writing and illustrating Poppy Cat. The hard cover picture book is suited to both girls and boys from four years of age.

As a delightful romp through the day of a playful young girl and her cat who copies everything she does, the book is both appealing and simple. Young children would readily identify with everything that the girl and her cat Poppy do in a day – even when mischief happens.

The book has a strong rhythm and sense of daily life in the world of a child and would seem very familiar to the young reader or listener. Beginning readers would find the rhyme and predictable text very supportive as they begin reading on their own.

The ending is a comfortable as curling up on a sofa and ties together beautifully the threads of the themes of friendship, companionship and owning a pet.

This is the ideal book for that ‘after lunch – flop on the carpet and listen’ to restore peace and quiet to the junior classroom.

Pam Gargett, Literacy Coach & CQ Regional Lead Coach


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